Master’s Anyone?

Three students successfully defended their Master’s theses this summer including:

1)  Sylvia Wong for her thesis entitled “The Generation of Synthetic Antibody Reagents for Clostridium difficile Toxin”.

2)  Rashida Williams for her thesis entitled “Generation of Anti-CD133 Human Synthetic Antibodies as Tools for Exploring CD133 Function”.

3)   Esther Lau for her thesis entitled “Generation of human synthetic antibodies to investigate the biological functions of the receptor tyrosine kinases HER3 and PTK7”.


Jason, Esther, Rashida and Dev at the post-defence celebration.


Sylvia with her brand new diploma.

Successful PhDs for Anthony Mak and Kim Blakely

The Moffat lab has seen it’s first two PhD students successfully defend their theses. Anthony Mak, whose thesis focused on characterization of the primitive cell marker CD133 , defended on May 14th, while Kim Blakely defended her thesis on August 15th. Kim’s work focused on the development of a novel protein complementation assay, which she implemented to identify a previously uncharacterized role for the oncoprotein Bmi1 in alternative splicing. Congratulations to Kim and Anthony and best of luck to both of you in Medical School come September.